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Red - Blue Banditz Full-Zip Hoodie

Red - Blue Banditz Full-Zip Hoodie

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Hoodie material

This full-zip hoodie from Banditz Clothing is made with high quality and comfy fabrics. Perfect for anytime of the year and the zipper is adjustable so choose how you like it. You can zipped to the maximal or half zipped. The hoodie is made out of 100% cotton and will feel very comfertabel when wearing. The zipper is fully made out of stainless steel. includes also a custom star zipper, which will also be in stainless steel. There are mant designs on the hoodie. All of them are puffprinted and makes the hoodie more unique. 

How to Wash and Care for Your Hoodie

  • 1. Don’t wash your hoodie after every wear for clothing in general, the more you wash and throw it into the dryer, the quicker it fades.
  • 2. Turn the hoodie inside out before you throw your hoodie into the washer, turn it inside out to protect the outside layer.
  • 3. Use cold water.


Shipment usually takes from 4-9 days depending on holidays and where you live. 

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